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The  DABbuzfa 760.0 V1.0
is a double-decker tax car 1st and 2nd class and is usually used as a regional train in the transport of goods
The control car of the type 760 is allowed for a top speed of 140km / h.
Currently, the double-decker cars are often used with electric locomotives, it is also with
Diesel locomotives, such as the BR218 or locomotives BR234 possible

A diesel variant and an electric variant of the mobile

Tax car included in the package. Including regional cars.


Thus you have all possibilities the DABbuzfa 760.0 V1.0 control car

to use on all TS routes.


Including regional cars ((Dbuz).

With PZB90, adjustable destination displays and interactive conductor.

The features in detail:

++ PZB90 (can be switched on and off)

++ SIFA (can be switched on and off)

++ Adjustable train destination display

++ Regional Car (Dbuz)

++ Quickdrive (fast game)

++ 4 tasks to get to know the  DABbuzfa 760
7.95 *
DEMO Dabbuzf760
Free full-featured, time-limited DEMO

Just run the Dabbuzf760_V1_0_DEMO.exe.

In the Trainsimulator, select Quick Game, select Dabbuzf760_V1_0_DEMO and start driving.

Good luck wishes your GBE team
0.00 *


A diesel variant and an electric variant of the mobile
Included in the package. Includes regional cars.
This means you have all the options for the Wittenberger control car
On all TS routes.

++ Numerous updates in version 1.1
Individual updates of the update:

- Brake lever animation rotated
- Time tank indicator no longer moves as a brake cylinder
- Upper current display animated
- Traction current indicator changed to 15kV
- Cover AFB lever added
- Wipe range of windscreen wipers corrected
- PZB can no longer be activated while driving
- Görlitzer bogie is now under the control car
- Added diesel version

Including regional cars (Abnrz, Bnrz) of first and second class.
With PZB90, adjustable train targets and interactive conductor.

Note: Mobile with electric and diesel locomotives
The features in detail:

++ PZB90 (can be switched on and off)
++ SIFA (can be switched on and off)
++ Interactive Conductor
++ Adjustable train target display
++ Regional cars 1st and 2nd class included (Abnrz, Bnrz)
++ Quickdrive (Fast Game)
++ 5 Tasks to get to know the Wittenberger Steuerwagen

Prerequisites to play the included tasks:

++ Train Simulator 17 (Steam)
++ Cologne-Koblenz (Steam)
++ Hamburg Lübeck (Steam)
++ Marschbahn (GBE) with the diesel version
++ European Asset and Loco Pack (Steam)


14.95 *

Dostos RE160 S-Bahn Dresden

(Note, this train set is already in the Addon Dresden-Schöna included)

Included in the package is the set:

+++ Control car DABpbzfa 767.2 with the 1st and 2nd class class
+++ Wagon DABpza 758.0 with the 1st and 2nd class
+++ Wagon DABpza 785.1 in the 1st class
+++ Wagon Dabpza 780.0 in 2nd class

Additional features:

+++ Mobile control car
+++ QuickDrive
+++ Sifa function
+++ Simplified PZB (AWS)
+++ Door closing sound
+++ Passenger view

9.95 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery