HP ICE 28: Von Mainz to Koblenz

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ICE 28: From Mainz to Koblenz

Today you drive the ICE4 (Basel-Hamburg)  from Mainz HBF via Bingen to Koblenz HBF. On the way there are one or the other obstacle, but also very picturesque landscapes on the Middle Rhine ... Enjoy the ride!

You drive the ICE4 in the climate protection version.

Difficulty level: 3
Duration of the scenario: approx. 55 min.


- GBE BR412 ICE4 version 1.04
- DTG route Frankfurt-Koblenz (the update version was published on Steam at the same time as TS2022)
- Elap (included in practically every Train Simulator installation)
- GBE beer cart (freeware from GBE, will be installed together with the scenario)

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