Nordfriesland Vol.1

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"Klar Kimming - Clear horizon" - this is how the Frisians describe the vastness of their beautiful country. Here at the very top in the north of Germany, the word vastness develops its own meaning. Experience this vacation paradise in the everyday life of a locomotive driver with this addon!

Besides the already known Marschbahn from Husum to Westerland, which has been completely redesigned, this addon also includes the two branch lines Niebüll- Dagebüll and Niebüll - Tondern.

The Halligbahn from Dagebüll to Langeneß, which is also included in this expansion, also offers a special driving experience.

To get you started right away, matching rolling stock and five scenarios are also included in the addon. 


- Completely rebuilted main line Husum- Westerland

- Branch line Niebüll- Dagebüll

- Branch line Niebüll- Tondern

- Hallig Railway (Loren Railway)

- 5 scenarios 

- Quickdrive scenarios for all line branches with AI traffic


Included rolling stock:

- Class 245 (Nah.SH livery)

- Class 628 (NEG livery)

- n-wagons

- Intercity cars

- Various freight cars

- Motorlore



++ DB BR218 Loco Addon from Dovetail Games (For szenarios)

++ European Loco and Asset Pack 

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