Northampton & Milton Keynes (UK)
Grindcore, Sludge, Crust

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The Atrocity Exhibit are a grindcore/sludge/crust band based in Northampton, England, formed in 2006. Adopting a stridently DIY attitude towards everything, the band have worked hard making a strong name for themselves over the years across the European underground grindcore / hardcore punk / metal scenes, releasing numerous self-funded EPs, splits and albums, and travelling several times across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe playing anywhere from German squats to Czech aircraft hangers.  Recent big performances include Damnation Festival in Leeds, Chimpy Fest in London, Play Fast Or Don’t Fest in Czech Republic, and the Winter Grindfest in Lille, France, as well as shows as main support slots for the likes of Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept, Anaal Nathrakh, and Extreme Noise Terror, to name a few. The older releases are now available for free download worldwide, courtesy of Grindcore Karaoke (run by J. Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed). Future plans include the release a new 10 song 7" (through WOOAAARGH, Rip Roaring Shit Storm, Never Fall Into Silence, FxHxExDx), a European tour, and also the 19 song debut full-length album recorded at Stuck-On-A-Name studios in Nottingham, to be released later this year.





"The viscous high-energy state of presentation offers a consistency of quality, pressure rarely escaping the transitions from total calamity to strong-armed sludge... The Atrocity Exhibit aren't just a great grind band, they represent a great addition to the diversity of the genre's gene pool" -

"As pointed out several times tonight by both punters and bands, The Atrocity Exhibit are fucking awesome..." 8/10 METAL HAMMER (Live Review Feb 2012)

"The final support act easily stood shoulder to shoulder with Napalm Death as act of the night. The Atrocity Exhbiit floored me with their grindcore/sludge attack, decimating everything that laid in their way... I haven't witnessed such an intense show in a long time... A band I wholeheartedly recommend." QUINT MAGAZINE (Live Review)

"The Atrocity Exhibit have been on the scabby lips of people in certain circles for a while now, and there's a good reason for this. They're fucking brilliant. And new album 'Damned and Blasted' is conclusive proof." METAL HAMMER (CD Review)

"This band are awesome...Their tunes are proper. You know, proper like when you listen to Insect Warfare and think "This is really great, and their songs are proper". Like that. TAE have deemed that well-balanced song writing and nicely flowing tracks are, for them, more important than continually shredding you up with top-of-range tempi." - GRIND TO DEATH

"A mature and confident CD which shows more progression and variation in nine tracks then most of their peers do in a life time" 9/10 SONIC SHOCKS

"A sickening coagulation of crust and sludge and grimacing filth" 8/10 UKMU

"The Atrocity Exhibit seem to get more ferocious with every appearance!" TERRORIZER (live review)

"Sheer brutality and caustic oldschool thrashgrind!" METAL HAMMER

"There are a lot of grotty British grind bands about these days but few have the well-timed ferocity that TAE do... Noisy, but in a good way" TERRORIZER

"Hypnotic ferocity and devastating heaviness... sure to be a consistent member of the UK scene" TERRORIZER

"Punishing and relentlessly brutal music, a bludgeoning assault on the senses, utterly furious in their delivery!" KERRANG!

"Welding monolithic chunks of the most sludge-like doom to intense grindcore barrages in a successful, stylistic blend, good stuff!" ZERO TOLERANCE

"Relentlessly intense, gore-ripping, oldschool-thrashing, dooming, sludging, fast/slow grindcore... recommended proper oldschool extreme metal" ORGAN MAGAZINE 'Demo Of The Week' 25th Jan 2008

"We love this band! Wholesome musical violence... relentless oldschool extreme metal confrontation!" ORGAN MAGAZINE - 'Demo Of The Week' 29th Oct 2008

"Featured Band Of The Week" Maz Star, TOTAL ROCK RADIO

"This makes me so fucking glad to be running this site... right up there with other essential bands that every metalhead should be aware of!" 4.8/5 BORN IN BLOOD

"A relentless barrage that makes you feel like your face might drop off at any moment!" DIE SHELLSUIT DIE

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