About me


My name is Ulrike Wiechmann and I am the founder of SATYA MANI. I was born in 1978 at the beautiful lake Starnberg. Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated by the spiritual world - especially all topics around meditation, healing stones, Buddhism and spiritual healing have inspired me. Very early on I realized that I had a distinct fine sensor system and a very special effect on my fellow human beings.

On my path of spiritual unfolding I had the vision of me knotting Malas as a Tibetan nun. So I began to create Buddhist prayer beads in close and trustful collaboration with my mentor, the Tibetan spiritual healer and "Tibetan Reiki Grandmaster“ Jorden Thinlay. He taught me the original manufacturing of Malas, the effect of the minerals and their use during meditation. His blessing was the prerequisite for me to dare to make these highly spiritual jewels for meditation. SATYA MANI's Malas combine the effect of healing stones and the spirituality of a prayer chain with Tibetan healing arts. Every Mala is knotted with my all-embracing love and mindfulness. This creates beautiful, energetic and powerful unique pieces.

After my extensive spiritual education and enlightenment with Grandmaster Jorden Thinlay, which also includes the Tibetan hand healing wisdom, I am allowed to carry the title "Master of rLung Raku Kei" (Tibetan Reiki) and heal my fellow human beings with the help of the universal energy. Both vocations fill me with deep bliss - they are the purest form of meditation for me.



The deep power from which I draw.DSC_7130

In the course of a moving ceremony I received my blessing from Grandmaster Jorden Thinlay to create Buddhistic Malas. I am deeply grateful for my introduction into the spiritual world, for genuine actions and the passing on of traditional knowledge.

In the richly decorated meditation room I received from his hand the white silk Khata, specially blessed by the Dalai Lama, as well as the certificate issued and signed by my mentor as a sign that his student has become a consecrated person, enabled to pass on the universal energy.

Since that day I have also held a very special gift in honour: Grandmaster Jorden Thinlay bequeathed me a wonderful Tibetan Mala made of elephant bones, which supports me in my spiritual work.