Listen & Learn

Listen & Learn

Comprehensive Knowledge in 80 minutes

‘Listen & Learn’ offers a series of audio productions of classical German drama presented by literary journalists in collaboration with German playhouses and directors.

The Concept: classical classroom-topics in an audio format, on CD or per download Classical drama in an easy-listening format for today’s audience – ‘Listen & Learn’ offers a contemporary approach to classical theatre. Journalists distil complicated plots into concise and easy to digest storylines for a 21st century audience.

Highlights of contemporary productions – Theatre is created for the spoken word. Atmosphere, feeling, attitude - one has to hear the dialogues in order to understand what the author intended to put forth. Multiskript works hand-in-hand with theatres to offer lively excerpts of pivotal scenes of classical drama.

What do ‘Faust’ and ‘Don Karlos’ have to say to today’s audience? Topics of classical drama often have a foreign feel to them. Directors of current productions explain how they approached the plot and what makes the piece meaningful for listeners today.

Protagonists ‘seen’ in their historical contexts – ‘Don Karlos’, ‘Faust’ or ‘Götz von Berlichingen’ are cast from true-life historical figures. Who were these people? ‘Listen & Learn’ tells the story.

The lives of Goethe, Schiller and Lessing – Knowing an author, and the times in which he lived, is important to understanding theatre. Who were these playwrights and how did they live? How did the historical times and events influence them? Each CD contains a biography of the playwright, including excerpts of his correspondence.

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