Uniform Styling

Uniform Styling



Dear visitors of our site! Here you will find high-quality offers of workwear for your company in the catering industry. If your staff are stylish and want to convince the clientele with contemporary and high-quality workwear, then you have come to the right place!


Which industry do you come from?

Are you a catering company? Or do you operate a restaurant, café shop or a bakery?
 In all these cases, we could be your partner for working clothes. After all, the
clothing of your staff is part of the external effect of your company.
Yes, it can even be part of your advertising. Well-dressed employees are
the poster child for your company.
This is as important as the smile on the face of your staff


Working clothes - in which look?

The appearance of the workwear is determined by your company.
We make custom workwear that fits your restaurant or cafe offer.
 You already have a logo and an established brand name?
Very good! We deliver the matching workwear in the appropriate
colors and with the appropriate lettering.


Do you know the patterns of your brand?

Some CEOs are hardly aware of the importance of their brand.
And yet you have an established brand name and a logo
that has long been memorized by the customers.
What are the colors of your brand? Become aware of your own
corporate design and use it in the premises of your business.
And also in your advertisements. And even with the
workwear of your employees. This is how your offers become
a holistic concept. We coordinate the work wear
for your employees with the colors and patterns of your offers


You want a uniform concept for working clothes?

That's a very good decision. But not so easy to implement,
 if you do it for the first time. But you have us as a partner.
We find the right and uniform concept for your employees
for the professional clothing for your café or restaurant.
This is hardwearing and comfortable workwear that can
also unfold its very own advertising impact. Because we can
also embroider or print these aprons and caps with the
appropriate customization of your brand name or logo




What makes modern professional fashion for restaurants and cafes? Workwear for the catering trade must look convincing and also be comfortable to wear. Both are the focus of our offers. Above all, the gastro staff who are in contact with their customers must also be visually convincing. This starts with a well-groomed appearance, a friendly and accessible face and of course leads directly to workwear. There are many advantages to having your restaurant staff work in a fashionably uniform manner. This means putting on the same logos and patterns that your customers will find in the shop window, on your website and in the newspaper ads. In this way, your brand is much easier to impress. But how does your logo on the restaurant apron or on the chef's hat? Quite simply: we take over the printing or embroidering of your workwear for your restaurant, your snack bar or your café. Do you already know the colors of your brand? We are happy to help you to find the very individual look for your workwear. Find the personal unique selling points for your catering business. To set yourself apart from your competitors, stay in touch! It's all about quality: We provide you with comfortable and durable workwear made of high-quality fabrics, which convinces with its outstanding workmanship. Because workwear for the catering trade is often washed. And then you should persuade even after the repeated wash. Because only when the colors radiate as on the first day, then your gastro-workwear also contributes to adequately support the positive overall picture in the appearance of your employees

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