_wrapped, reversible, buttoned or unbuttoned ... each piece thus provides many looks

_made in Berlin made in Germany


Lea Fauth has her own studio and lives in the well-known Kreuzberg area of Berlin. For her label LEAF, she is always searching for the special fabric, cut, and detail. Yet, even as it reaches for the exceptional, LEAF offers a balance between the unusual and the everyday. The cut, elegant and even extravagant, is always wearable and practical.  Many garments are multifunctional and allow alternations by personal inclination-- buttoned or unbuttoned, reversible, or wrapped. Each piece thus provides many looks in diverse combinations with other garments.


Before Lea Fauth began her label LEAF as the most beautiful project of her life, she worked for a long time with big brand names in Berlin and Paris. There she gathered experience about the close co-operation between production and delivery systems worldwide which she used as the foundation for her own label at the end of 2013.


LEAF clothing is constructed in Germany and mainly in Berlin, where Lea Fauth works with Berlin pattern makers, assembly masters and hand knitters.