Torque wrench 1", 140Nm - 980Nm, 00196

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Torque wrench 1", 140Nm - 980Nm, 00196

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Automatic torque wrench 1", 140 Nm - 980 Nm by SENECA - 00196


Technical data:

Adjustment range: 140 up to 980 Nm

Tool mounting: 1" with ball safty device for securing the nut

Due to large display easy and exact setting of torque by turning spline end is possible

Ratcheting function

Automatic quick release. When the torque value is reached a clear click is audible.

Switch lever for right and left rotation

The left rotation is intended mainly for the loosening of wheel nuts.

The torque wrench is calibrated prior to shipment and tested on an accuracy of +/-4%.

Display in Nm and

Length: 1230 mm

Hard plastic case for storage

Weight:                8 kg
Shipping weight: 10.5 kg


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