22t floor jack, garage jack, with pneumatic drive, Q22001T, 00021

22t floor jack, garage jack, with pneumatic drive, Q22001T, 00021

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Floor jack, garage jack, lifting capacity 22000 kg


This hydraulic floor jack is powered using a built-in pneumatic motor. The pneumatic engine facilitates frequent pumps in daily workshop routine. To run the pneumatic motor, a compressor is necessary which is not included in the scope of delivery. The compressed air operates the built-in pneumatic motor. This compressed air engine pumps the hydraulic oil into the cylinder.

The shunting bar can be adjusted in inclination and locked in three different positions. The button to activate the motor is located at the end of the atttached pneumatic hose. A dial knob is at the end of the shunting bar by which you can lower the cylinder.

In the cylinder there is a screwable thread with a mounting for 4 pressure pieces.


Technical data:

Lifting capacity:                                                      22000 kg

Min height:                                                              215 mm + 20 mm pressure piece attachment = 235 mm

Max. stroke of the hydraulic cylinder:                     115 mm

Max. height:                                                             330 mm + 20 mm pressure piece attachment + 100 mm spindle = 450 mm

Max. height:                                                             330 mm + 100 mm pressure piece attachment + 100 mm spindle = 530 mm

Threaded attachment in the cylinder unscrewable: up to 100 mm

4 different pressure pieces can optionally be attached on the cylinder: 2 x 20 mm, 1 x 60 mm, 1 x 100 mm

Width at the front:                                                    190 mm

Width in the rear area at the castors:                       330 mm

Total length incl. rear wheels:                                   570 mm

Pumping rod length:                                                 1050 mm

Castors:                                                                    2 fixed castors

Saddle diameter:                                                      120 mm

Total height incl. pumping rod:                                  1200 mm


Weight:                                                                      43 kg
Shipping weight:                                                        45 kg


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