Hand siren, 110dB, ABS plastic with case, 100PL, 00258

Hand siren, 110dB, ABS plastic with case, 100PL, 00258

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Hand siren, siren, air raid protection, alarm, firefighters, Technical Relief Service (THW), civil protection, ice hockey, soccer, football - with shoulder bag

100PL - 00258

The housing of the siren is made of ABS - plastic

Hand-operated siren, space-saving due to foldable handle and crank

Ball bearing mounted shaft

Turning the crank produces a wailing sound, volume increases with rotation speed.

Pulling the small lever opens the siren holes which increaes the volume additionally due to the enhanced air flow.

Scope of delivery: Siren and padded transport bag made of high-strength PE fabric with a waist belt/shoulder strap.


Technical Data:

Diameter of the siren: 115 mm

Dimensions:                125 mm x 130 mm x 140 mm (length x width x height)

Housing:                      ABS plastic

Sound pressure:         110 dB +/-2 dB

Frequency:                  550 Hz +/- 20 Hz, depending on rotation speed

Colour may vary depending on delivery (red/orange), illustration similar


Weight:                          0.6 kg
Shipping weight:               2 kg


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