10t hydraulic gear puller, inside + outside, 00740

10t hydraulic gear puller, inside + outside, 00740

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Hydraulically operated 3-jaw gear puller - 00740

The puller can be preadjusted to the required position using a large threaded spindle over a path of 120 mm.

The hydraulic stamp rod can be pushed out 80 mm.

The pumping rod mount can be rotated in order to adjust the most convenient working or pumping position of the tool.

The three arms can be fixed in two different positions at the puller, so it is suitable for a large field of application outdoor as well as indoor.

If necessary it can be used also with only two arms, the according mountings are attached.

A perfect field is the removing of drive shafts of passenger cars and trucks.


Technical data:

The pulling force of this hydraulic gear puller is 10000 kg

Usable in many positions, e.g. over head.

Opening range: 30 mm to 250 mm

The total height is 410 mm in the retracted state.

The centre point is attached underneath the puller.

A pumping rod is included.


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