Cable cutter 500mm², ratchet, telescope, max. diameter 40mm, TCR, 00754

Cable cutter 500mm², ratchet, telescope, max. diameter 40mm, TCR, 00754

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Telescope precision cable cutter, max. 500 mm² - 00754

Cable cutter, cable plier, with ratchet

By pressing an operating element the opening of the ratchet mechanism is possible. Now you can insert the cable and close the ratchet mechanism until it has contact with the cable.
Now you can easily cut the inserted cable bit by bit by opening and closing the handles, similar to a pumping motion.
Because of this design, the cutter can be built very compact and so it is space saving and can be used even in hard to reach places.


Technical data:

Length:                                             from 240 mm up to 290 mm

Handles can be pulled out by 50 mm

For following cable cross sections:  aluminium cables up to 500 mm²

                                                        copper cables up to 400 mm²

Not suitable for steel cables

Cable diameters up to 40 mm fit into the pliers

Handy and ideal for copper and aluminium cables

Safe work through optimal power transmission

Hardened cutting head

Tough rubber sheathed, ergonomic handles

The colour of the handles may vary depending on delivery


Weight:                                              1.1 kg
Shipping weight:                                   2 kg


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