500kg lever block, chain hoist, ratchet, red, T, 00927

500kg lever block, chain hoist, ratchet, red, T, 00927

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0.5t lever hoist, chain hoist, ratchet hoist, pulley, hoist, pulling force 500 kg, 1,5 m lifting height - 00927

This chain hoist can be used where heavy loads have to be moved. The chain hoist can be fixed and secured by two safety hooks.

The ideal tool for pulling, straightening for garage, off-road, agriculture, forestry, crafts, industry, garden and landscaping etc.

Also ideal for post accident repairs e.g. on the bench because it can be used horizontally.


Technical data:

Pulling force:              500 kg

Chain strands:            1

Load chain diameter: 5 mm

Lifting height:             1.5 m

Fully adjustable switch lever

Adjustable ratchet with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation

Swivel sling hook with safety latches

The opening width of the hook is 21 mm.


Weight:                       4 kg
Shipping weight:         6 kg


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