Gerd Reinke: double bass method „Enjoy the double bass“ part 3 (5½ -7 Lage)

Gerd Reinke: double bass method „Enjoy the double bass“ part 3 (5½ -7 Lage)

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Volume 3 covers the positions 5½ -7. The present double bass school is an interesting and comprehensive compendium of studies, which covers all ranges of the double bass play from beginning to the highest degrees of difficulty. It consists of 4 volumes. To volume 1 to 3 are attached in each case a CD, on which the note sheets of all pieces with piano company are to be found as pdf file. Additionally the most important pieces are taken up as audio company, as pure piano company and as full version with double bass and piano on the CD. Professor Klaus Trumpf, professor for double bass Munich judges: „´Enjoy the Double Bass´, author Gerd Reinke, is the most extensive compendium of studies for double bass, which admits to me from the last decades. All degrees of difficulty are contained, extensively analyzed and into appropriate exercises converted. Here the practical experience of the musician, teacher, soloist speaks from 5 decades! “

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