Béla Bartók: "12 Duos"

Béla Bartók: "12 Duos"

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The 12 pieces "Slovak Song", "Teasing Song", "Dance", "Cushion Dance", "Menuetto", "Ruthenian Song", "New Year´s Greeting", "Fairy Tale", "Rumanian song", "Hay-Harvest Song" "Wedding Song" and "Ruthenian Kolomejka" out of the "44 Duos for 2 Violins" in an arrangement for cello and double bass. The pieces are not arranged in a fixed order, but in a kind of "loose-leaf order", so that the sequence of the movements can be determined individually. Also the difficulty of the music pieces serves the entire width from easy to very hard. These arrangements are not identical to those for violin and bass.

- recorded on the CD "moderne / klezmer / jazz"


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Béla Bartók: "12 Duos" Béla Bartók: "12 Duos"
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