„mike curtis cello bass duos“

„mike curtis cello bass duos“

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The fifth CD with titles for cello and double bass contains exclusively pieces by Mike Curtis which are published at PRObass Music: Some titles out of  "8 jazz duets" and "7 Jazz and Ethnik duets", the "Duet Suite on Mexican Themes ", the "Sketches of China" and the Klezmer titles which haven´t been recorded yet on the other cds "Andalucian Lily","Street Song " and "Khyberian Catfit". The cover is again a hard paper pocket which has been designed and hand writtend by the cellist Paul-Gerhard Wiebecke.
    Vcl: P.-G. Wiebecke
    Db: A. Wiebecke-Gottstein


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Duo DeMone ~ Leise durch die Sinne Duo DeMone ~ Leise durch die Sinne
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