“Misek & Fuchs”

“Misek & Fuchs”

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A special challenge of this project existed in the elaboration of the very different use of the contrabass by Misek and Fuchs, even though both composers were so close themselves timewise and geographically. All 3 works were written in Vienna over a period of 3 years (between 1911 and 1913) and ask, nevertheless, for the choice of two various contrabasses with different tunings. Are to be heard the sonata e minor op. 6 by Adolf Misek and from Robert Fuchs the sonata op. 97 and the Three pieces op. 96.
     contrabass: Detmar Kurig

     piano: Tomone Yazaki


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Duo DeMone ~ Leise durch die Sinne Duo DeMone ~ Leise durch die Sinne
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