Edie W. Cane: „Ballade for old masters sake“

Edie W. Cane: „Ballade for old masters sake“

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This piece originated in a time when the composer had the impression, that at the moment the giants of jazz die off from the world. It keeps to the traditional A-B-A form of the jazz, however, the A and B parts are built up complex: After a 2-bar introduction a bluesy theme follows in C major key, then a short, fully notated bridge to a B minor part. After both parts are repeated there is a short improvisation segment about the C major key part, followed by that (this time differently notated) bridge which leads up into the main improsisation part (B part) which can be freely formed. Then the A part (bluesy C major key part - bridge - B minor part) comes again and leads to a final Coda.

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