Joachim Goldmann: „The Violin+Bass-Notes-Memory“

Joachim Goldmann: „The Violin+Bass-Notes-Memory“

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Playful learning of the violin and bass clef notes. In each case 44 maps of the notes of both key systems in the values of quarter and half notes. To every note the suitable octave must be found under the rules of the Memory play. In addition, there are still identical maps of half and whole breaks. For the smallest pupils is still an additional "Du darftst nochmal"- ("you may again") bonus map.
The inventor of these maps, Joachim Goldmann, has tested the play with his own pupils. On this occasion it turned out that for the young beginner the pure musical notation still affects as very play-restraining, so that the note names are assigned to the maps below on the left as letters.


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Joachim Goldmann: „The Bass-Notes-Memory“ Joachim Goldmann: „The Bass-Notes-Memory“
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Joachim Goldmann: „The Violin-Notes-Memory“ Joachim Goldmann: „The Violin-Notes-Memory“
8.00 € *
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