Bach / Gounod: „Ave Maria“

Bach / Gounod: „Ave Maria“

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"1st Präludium" out of the "well tempered piano" by J. S. Bach  enlarged by a tact in the piano, complements with a romantic air of Charles Gounod. Not to play simply on the double bass because of the simplicity of it, but a good teaching piece for the double-bass player (and also his listeners). This issue contains the Präludium in C major key because every pianist knows and can play it (the tact inserted by Gounod one does not need to practice specially, one should point out the pianist, however, to it). Therefor the double bass voice is in B major key (for solo mood) and in C major key (for orchestra mood).
     range solo tunimg: B - d"
     range orchestral tuning : C - e"

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