Zadow Bass Amp II

Zadow Bass Amp II

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The bass amplifier ze200comboII has two input channels, the ze200combo only one input. Otherwise, both amplifiers are identical:

The bass speaker is directed downwards. This results in an omni directional deflection of the low basses. As a consequence the bassplayer can be clearly heard by the other musicians, the audience and of course himself. Doublebass players are especially impressed with this because at long last, they can hear a deep and transparent bass, and this means they can relax and enjoy their own playing.
Middle and higher frequencies are directed forewards via a secondary speaker.

Compact - light - strong

The rounded housing with minimal wall thickness, offers superlative acoustic properties whilst being both light and robust. (it can also be used as a seat in the breaks) An aluminium / wood construction is used to get rid of surplus heat from the power amp - bulky cooling systems are thus eliminated.

Simple to use

The  philosophy is: the more knobs you have, the more you try to adjust during a performance. You always think it's not quite perfectly adjusted. In the practice the ze200combo tuning knobs stay, due to its clear frequency response in the neutral position.

Only in combination with a Piezo Pick-up such as Underwood or Balsereit is the middle adjustment a little to the left. This results in the contrabass being soft and natural. The parameters of the middle control (bandwidth and middle frequency) are factory set in order to eliminate resonance peaks of the bridge which would make the bass sound unpleasantly hard.

High-quality electronics

For both optical and practical reasons, the whole of the electronics is located in the housing. The ClassAB-Power Amp is designed to cope with 300Watts rms. An electronical limiting circuit cuts in at 200W to protect the valuable speakers from possible damage through overloading. The inherent power reserve of the power amp together with the down-firing system provide our ze200combo´s transparent sound and deep, rich bass. These advantages together with a soft start function make the purchase of this combo an investment for life.


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