NFC Pi Classic - NFC Reader for Raspberry Pi


NFC Pi Classic - NFC Reader for Raspberry Pi

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NFC Pi Classic - NFC Reader for Raspberry Pi

The NFCPi Classic is a full NFC expansion board with a high performance integrated antenna for the Raspberry Pi®. Based on NXP PN532 transceiver, all 3 NFC modes (Reader mode, P2P mode and Card Emulation mode) are supported. The Reader mode is compliant with the 4 NFC tag types as well as the NXP Mifare proprietary commands.
The 3 interfaces (UART, SPI or I²C) available on the PN532 can be routed to the RPi using jumpers. The IRQ and RESET signals can also be connected if needed.
The NFCPi Classic is supported by libnfc (
The NFCPi Classic was designed for the Raspberry Pi® 1 model B but can also be mounted on models B+ / A+ and version 2.
The NFCPi Classic comes with a set of jumpers and with one white NFC card Mifare Ultralight (ISO size). Other types of cards are available in option as well as packs of cards.
Tutorials and source codes are available at

Raspberry Pi® is not included!


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