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The platinum / palladium print is produced in the negative to positive process . The mixture of equal parts of palladium and platinum combines the individual properties of each metal to a print with exceptional properties . The presence of platinum ensures a uniform gradation of tones and gives the viewer a very present , lively impression . The Palladium warmth up  the image tone .

The complete kit consists of:                                                                                                                              

25 ml solution (A) in brownglass bottle with dropper                                                                                              

25 ml solution (B) in brownglass bottle with dropper                                                                                            

 25 ml solution (C) in brownglass bottle with dropper                                                                                            

1000 ml Sodium Acetate developer (brown/black) should you prefer  Potassium Oxalate or Potassium Citrate

developer, please mention so, the price does not change.                                                                                      

300 grams Citric Acid granulate to make 10 liters of working solution of clearing bath.                                              

1 Hake Brush 25 mm                                                                                                                                          

8 sheets CANSON "Arches Platine" paper 19 x 28 cm (pure cotton)                                                                        

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