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Lea`s Landscape contains a good quantity of Cadmium for a long shelf life.

Ambrotypes are negative images shot in camera. The blacking on clear glas or dark coated aluminum plate will make Ambrotypes appear as positive images. This is a wet plate process where a glas plate is coated with collodion emulsion, exposed and processed in the darkroom before the emulsion dries. Ambrotype photographs appear grainless with a unique luminosity.

FRANALOG complete Collodion Wet Plate kit 500 "Lea`s Landscape"

  • 1000 ml Thiosulfat powder for 4 liters of working solution
  • 500 ml Silver nitrate sdolution 9%
  • 1000 ml developer solution
  • 250 ml glas cleaner solution
  • 500 ml ready to use Collodion
  • 250 ml Sandarac glace with Lavendar oil
  • 2 one side black anodised aluminum plates; size of your choise
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 freshness garantee

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