"Professional-Screen-1Y" Movingposters.com extension 1 year

Product no.: 0002
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

The „Professional-Screen-License“ comprises all functions of the „ Economy-Screen-License“.

The following additional functions can be exploited by "Professional-Screen"-Licensees:

  • Add-on Serverside data volume up to 3 Gigabytes supporting the add-on screen.
  • Creation of additional subuser accounts, enabling team work.
  • Upload of video files to server. Uploaded videos can be embedded in newly created presentations.
  • Compared to the Free-License the additionally registerable Screen supports professional server functions for usage by the mediaplayer app:
    • Presentation planning and controlling of the target screen by use of the presentation playout calendar.
    • Media download to devices. This feature enables repeated playout of pre-loade media without the need for media reloading via the Internet. So presentations can play independend from sporadic network problems.

Note: These extenden server functions for screen support can currently be used by Android devices, featuring a registered free-of-cost "movingposters.com" App. They are not yet supported by the Web Spaces.

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