"Economy-Screen-6M" Extension for 6 Months

Product no.: 0003
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

The „Economy-License“ comprises all functions of the „Free-License“.

The following functions can be exploited by " Economy"-Licensees:

  • 1 additional registerable und remotely controllable Economy-Screen
  • Serverside data volume up to 200 Megabytes supporting the additional screen.
  • Interactive control of additionally registerable Economy-Screen (Web Space or Android device featuring a registered Movingposters.com-App)
  • Interactive control of playout loop featuring up to 5 media presentations.
  • Application of Image- and Scene-Show Editor (works comparable to Slideshow- or Dia-Show editors)
  • Application of Imageflight-Editor for designing an animated display of a sequence of subimages, taken from a bigger background image
  • Definition of online video sources. Exploiting online video sources as building blocks of selfcreated media presentations.

The serverside provided "Economy-Screen"-functions can be used by a registered Web Space or alternatively, by an Android device, featuring an installed and registered "movingposters.com" Mediaplayer App.

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