What is Peace Silk ?

Peace Silk means that the silkworms can complete their life cycle and develop into a butterfly. In conventional silk breeding (in China), the transformed silkworms (the pupa) are killed by superheated steam once they have spun the cocoon. In the case of Peace Silk, the ethical and non-violent silk culture, the cocoons are kept in a sheltered place until the pupae hatches out of the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. Once the butterflies have left their cocoons, the cocoons are processed without the use of harmful chemicals.

Peace Silk is the alternative for people who care about the lives of animals, for people who appreciate the queen of natural fibers. 

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Peace Silk TABBY • natural white 100% silk

Product no.: CCC-tby22

_Logo_PS_by_500pxLight plain weave - non-violent without animal harm


23.00 / m *

Peace Silk sheets (fleece) 100% organic silk 100 g

Product no.: SHC-fm


For filling of cushions, blankets and dolls
8.80 / unit(s) *

DEVA Baby onesie long-armed • 100% silk (Peace Silk)

Product no.: STR-DV-bb-La


Protection and strengthening of the newborn



35.00 *

Peace Silk scarf • 35 cm 100% silk

Product no.: STR-smt-35


Without animal harm - Peace Silk


7.00 *
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16 - 19 of 19 results