Please make sure that you maintain proper hygiene.

Before inserting or emptying the Silja Cup, please wash your hands thoroughly.


Before first use

Please disinfect the Silja Cup for three minutes in boiling water before using it for the first time.

Disinfection on the hob

Heat water in a small pan on the hob until it reaches boiling point. Place the Silja Cup in the pan so that it is covered by the water. Wait by the pan during the boiling process or set a kitchen timer and remove the pan from the hob after three minutes.

Disinfection in the microwave

The boiling process can be carried out in the microwave. Place the Silja Cup in a suitable container and heat on medium power for three minutes.

During your period

The Silja Cup must be removed and emptied at least every 8–12 hours. To do this, rinse the cup out with water or wipe it with paper. We also recommend washing it briefly with a liquid soap.

After your period

After every menstrual cycle, the Silja Cup should be disinfected in boiling water for three minutes and be kept clean until it is next used.


Silja Cup recommendations

  • Silja Cup It is best to simply disinfect the Silja Cup using boiling water. This is the cheapest and most eco-friendly way to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. The use of harsh chemicals is not necessary.
  • Rinse Silja Cup after usage with cold water first, before you use warm water. Our blood contains proteins, such as hamoglobin, who will bond to the cup when using hot water. Using cold water first prevents staining of the cup.
  • Normally desinfection on the lob is only necessary once per cycle. This consumes few energy. If you are disinfecting on the lob, use a pot as small as possible.


Taking care of your Silja Cup

With good care and proper use, the material of your Silja Cup can last up to 10 years. To use your cup for a long time, you should handle it with care. Avoid harsh cleaning detergents or abrasive cleaners . These will attack the surface of your Silja Cup. It is best to use soaps that you would also use for your body.


Silja Cup storage

Please do not store the Silja Cup in an airtight container. A cloth bag is ideal for this purpose.