Pressurized Water Reactor

Introductory, Advanced, Experts and Know Why Courses with regard to the KWU-built pressurized water reactors (PWRs) in Germany and abroad and to modernization projects in KWU reactors and other reactor types.


Introductory courses provide, independent of NPP type, a complete overview of the overall system and process engineering. Overview of other areas is presented: operational and safety I&C, basics of nuclear physics and electrical systems.


Advanced Courses are based on NPP design and operation experience. They offer an extended overview over the system and process engineering in direct relation with operational and safety related I&C. Subjects like nuclear physics, nuclear operating practice, auxiliary power supply or plant transients  are presented in greater detail.


Expert Courses will be presented issue related. They emphasis the understanding of the technical function considering the background information related to the technical design, the operational practice and the interaction within the entire plant.


Know-why Courses will be presented issue related. They emphasis the  design background (Know Why) regarding the technical solution based on the relevant  rules and standards and the desired operational behavior and the safety relevant needs.