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PWR Thermal Hydraulics

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Date: 10th May 2022
Language: German, English on request
Location: Erlangen



The training course is based on Framatome‘ s long-standing operational experience in operational feedback evaluation, performing design calculations, and test results obtained at the PKL facility in Erlangen and the KATHY test facility in Karlstein.



  • Thermal and calorific state variables
  • State changes of water with application examples from nuclear power plants
  • Condensation processes in a PWR
  • Water hammer
  • Flow dynamics in nuclear power plants
  • Single- and two-phase flow
  • Natural circulation
  • Heat transfer mechanisms
  • Heat removal in forced and natural circulation
  • Applications in normal operation of nuclear power plants
    • Heat transfer in reactor core, critical heat flux, film boiling
    • Secondary side heat removal, part-load diagram
    • Thermal hydraulic monitoring of the core


Target Group:

Senior shift personnel and specialists, especially for physics, I&C and process engineering



Several years of relevant work experience in the PWR engineering and participation in the B211D PWR introductory course are advantageous.



1 day


Other information:

Participants: 6 to 12 persons


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1 - 1 of 5 results