PWR Design Basis Accidents

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With regard to design basis accidents in PWRs, participants acquire an overview of accident-related design of the overall plant. In this context, an understanding of accident sequences is developed, characterized by thermodynamic summaries, safety I&C, safety systems and manual actions.



The following accidents (and transients) are covered with respect to the points mentioned above:

  • Loss of offsite power (transient)
  • Loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCA)
  • Steam generator tube ruptures
  • Feedwater line breaks
  • Main steam line breaks
  • Inadvertent operation of main steam valves
  • Subcooling transients
  • External events
  • ATWS
  • Test results of the PKL and UPTF test facilities


Target Group:

Persons with process and I&C engineering background from nuclear power plants, manufacturers, expert organizations or authorities.



PWR introductory course (B211D or B226D) or "PWR Safety and Process Engineering“ (B228D). Several years of relevant work experience in a PWR nuclear power plant, expert organization, authority or manufacturer are advantageous.



5 days


Other information:

Participants: 6 to 12 persons

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