About us

About us


A friendly hello to our friends from the UK and overseas.


I’m Angela Jacob and together with my partner I have been producing thread racks since 2012.

We built our first yarn holder for a friend, and we have not ceased to be astonished by what has happened since then.

We currently have thousands of satisfied customers in Europe, and are now looking forward to a new journey of discovery

with our company geared towards the US and UK markets. Our workshop is located in the south of Germany, in the middle

of the Palatinate Forest and not far from Heidelberg. In addition, we are also in close proximity to Ramstein, which is

known for its U.S. Air Base.


The shelves are made according to the German rules of craftsmanship and they are built and varnished by hand in our

workshop, which has been expanded over the years from 60sqm in 2012 to 600sqm today. In 2016, our son was born

and it was not easy to lead the company, but we have mastered it all and are proud to have everything under control.

We ship our shelves every week and it has become a ritual for our customers to order our shelves, photograph them

after hanging them and taking a photo of them. You can find a small selection of these under Photos. 





It might be interesting for you to have a look at our German Facebook group to see what is going on in Germany. I also

love to browse through American Sewing Room groups for some inspiration.


FACEBOOK Deutschland


We would also love it if you would become a member of our emerging team

group for the US. Many people post photos of their shelves to this group.


Even though we are far away, we are more than happy to answer all of your questions. It could happen that we are

sleeping when you sign up, but that has nothing to do with our attitude towards our work. It is only due to the fact

that there is only one sun and the earth is round. :-)



Many greetings,

Angela Jacob