Fuchs / 6 Trios (1-3) [2cl/bn]

Fuchs / 6 Trios (1-3) [2cl/bn]

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Fuchs, Georg Friedrich
(1752 - 1821)

6 Trios Band I: Trio 1-3

2 clarinets and bassoon

Score and parts

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ee 219010
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Version for 3 clarinets (parts)


Mainz-born Georg Friedrich Fuchs (1752-1821) lived in Paris after 1784, where he devoted himself to military music, both as instrumentalist and teacher. He later became an arranger for music publishers. A student of Cannabich and Haydn, he wrote numerous works for military wind ensemble ("Harmonien"), and bequeathed a large body of chamber music, also mostly for winds.

The 6 Trios were issued between 1803 and 1805 by Sieber of Paris with the same plate number (Pl. No. 1669/1627). The two printed versions, for two clarinets and bassoon and for three clarinets, are the basis of the new edition of the trios presented here. In this edition obvious misprints and incorrect accidentals have been amended, and dynamic and articulation markings that were wanting in the original have been supplied accordingly.

Their easy to medium difficulty level make these newly-published 6 Trios for two clarinets and bassoon by G. F. Fuchs an attractive and grateful contribution to the ensemble repertoire.


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