Complete wheels compacted, incl Metzelerreifen

Complete wheels compacted, incl Metzelerreifen

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Complete wheels compacted, including Metzelerreifen,

new stored, screw valves, v + h, in exchange.

Fits all Valkyries / Interstates

Please indicate if you have a 1J or 2J rear wheel rim.

Inquiries under 01714737588 - Michi

We assume that your rims are technically correct. If the rims are broken, we have to charge them, lacquer damage is not a problem! Please send the rims without tires and bearings to us. Please the sleeves and the Tachoaufnahme in the front wheel mitschciken.

For a fee of 20 euros we take apart the wheels ourselves. Important: Compaction is much higher quality than high-gloss polishing and much more expensi

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