Fuel additive

Fuel additive

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1 l = 51.80 €

1 l = 51.80 €

FSP (Fuel-System-Protection) improves engine performance and increases engine performance.
Removes deposits in the fuel system, valves, spark plugs and the entire combustion chamber. At the same time sealed
FSP all components in the fuel system, resulting in a new formation of
This reduces fuel consumption. The entire fuel system is protected against corrosion, as well as before gasification. Condensation water is bound and neutralized.
FSP² is Cat-tested and is the perfect engine for carburetor and injection engines.
FSP² has a 6-month long-term effect.

Another feature of FSP² is that through this product the quality of the fuel is maintained.
FSP prevents the decay of gasoline and keeps fuel unstable (fuel stabilizer).
Thus the bike starts without problems after longer periods or after the winter sleep.


Thus, one has two components in one product:
- Protection and cleaning of the fuel system (fuel additive)
- Fuel stabilizer for wintering or longer periods


A bottle of FSP²
into the vehicle tank (suitable for all types of petrol). 250ml are for about 20Ltr fuel.
In order to achieve a lasting effect, we recommend giving the wrong 6 months into the tank.


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