Kar-Fetty, Molykoth-containing Grease

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Kar-Fetty, Molykoth-containing Grease

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100 g = 25.90 €

Kar-Fetty, the ultimate grease for cardan drives, 1 tube with 50 grams Kar-Fetty

In practice, we notice time and again that despite maintenance, cleaning and rescuing the gears in and around the Cardan transmission / joint visibly wear out quickly!

Why is that? It's the fat!

Most of the fats that are used are synthetically produced. Unfortunately there are no more suspended matter in these fats. These particles of suspended matter are important for our bikes, because these substances make the grease more resistant to pressure!

There is a manufacturer from the USA, who still produces these fats, but unfortunately only in larger packages and these fats react with air, meaning that these suspended solids disappear.

So you need small pack units: use once and leave the rest.

Since according to our research not even the motorcycle repair shops use the right grease, it is no wonder that more and more cardan are used up and the replacement is expensive!

That's why KAR-Fetty uses the right grease for all gears! Also when changing the tire for the gear recording! Closed for 5 years!

Ask your screwdrivers or look in the workshop manuals. Use fat with Molykoth! We have the right grease for your drive to last!



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