CE #2: Worf & Dax (2012)

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Collector's Edition DVD #2: Michael Dorn & Terry Farrell at FedCon 19 (2010)

1 disc | runtime ca. 204min | 16:9 PAL | region code free | German subtitles

- entire single panels of Michael and Terry
- entire double panel which they did together
- Short Interviews with Michael and Terry
- Michael and Terry at the Opening and Closing Ceremony
- Impressions of FedCon XIX

Michael Dorn & Terry Farrell:
Michael Dorn was born in Texas in 1952. He played Worf in ST:TNG and later in ST:DS9.
Iowa-born Theresa Lee Farrell, born in 1963, portrayed Jadzia Dax in ST:DS9 starting in 1993.

FedXIXCon took place from April 30th and went on for three days in Bonn's Maritim Hotel.
It was Michael's second FedCon after the first one in 2000 whereas Terry celebrated her FedCon premiere in 2010.
Both were greeted from thousands of enthusiastic fans at FedCon and they both had one single panel each as well as one panel which they did together.
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