FriendChip Wearables

FriendChip Wearables

FriendChip Wearables

Make new friends

Are you new in town? Are you looking for some new buddies? Do you need people to play cards with? Are you single? Send your profile to people nearby and make new friends!

Make new business contacts

Use FriendChip to get new business contacts during exhibitions, congresses or team events. Introduce yourself or your company using a Business Online Profile.

Promote your music or artwork

Promote your songs, event dates, YouTube channel or online shop. You can also use the FriendChip YouTube or Instagram integration for a unique visitor experience.

Wearable technology for your pet

Use FriendChip to give your favourite 4-legged companion (cat, dog, chameleon…) a digital profile and get in touch with other pet owners. FriendChips are also useful to see which other pets (and pet owners) are around you.

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