FriendChip Sticker

FriendChip Sticker

FriendChip Sticker

Promote your café, bar or restaurant

Send curated, targeted messages and offers, entice your customers to visit your business.

Unite your local and your online shop!

FriendChip Beacons will help you to connect your local shop with your online shop.

Present your products on customers devices

Market your products with added multimedia elements like videos and interactive options directly at the Point of Sale. Build an online dialogue between your product experts and customers, anytime, anywhere!

Promote your booth or food truck

Market your stand or food truck on nearby smartphones. Post an offer or message to promote your digital profile with further information about your website, online shops or social media engagements.

Digitize your public transport stations

FriendChip can share latest, up-to-date timetables, relevant information and allow you to quickly access official online ticket shops. In addition, it is possible to set up a station pin board or news system.

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