25 ans Benelli Club Hollande 2015



On the day of the open doors all Benelli fans and those who want to be there are Cordially Invited                                                                           What  they expect!

- The Netherlands Club is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in Benelli farm museum and the surrounding area

- We expect many International and National Benelli clubs

- The book "Be Benelli Super Bike" will be presented exclusively new here

- Is natural for meals and drinks provided

And now the most important thing of all, the program of Benelli Club NL


The Benelli Club Netherlands celebrates its 25th anniversary with a three tour to Germany, all Benelli fans are invited to attend this event

Friday,  29th of May.

The participants arrive between 11.00 and 11.30 on the parking at the Dutch – German border crossing on Highway A1 close to the place called Oldenzaal. Each rider receives a “Benelli  Club NL 25th Anniversary”  motorcycle sticker. The tour towards Rehburg – Loccum at the Steinhuder Meer will lead over scenery roads.  The total distance of this trip is approximately 225 kms and will include several stops. Late afternoon we will arrive in the area of Rehburg – Loccum where everyone can check in to his selected Hotel. (Hotels see below).  Early evening we gather at the Benelli Museum in Rehburg – Loccum and we collectively drive to a local Italian restaurant where we will enjoy dinner.

Those we do not participate on the tour from the Netherlands to Germany can travel directly to the Benelli Museum, we expect to pre registrate (see general) to prepare for evening dinner. In case you come by camper or want to camp this is possible on the area directly alongside the Benelli Museum.

Saturday, 30st of May.

Benelli passionates are invited to arrive at 10.00 at the Benelli Museum Mardorferstrasse 25 in Rehburg – Loccum, The Benelli Bauer Museum has recently been extended and houses one of the world’s largest Benelli collection. There will be a special section on the Benelli Sei.

At 11.00 a presentation will be held on the release of the book: BENELLI SEI SUPERBIKE.  This book tells the story of development, design and production of the 750 and 900 Sei, and a special section about Benelli Sei racers. The book will be printed in limited numbers and can only be ordered at the writers. Sei racing riders and frame developer are expected to attend this presentation creating the unique opportunity to have the book signed.

In the afternoon we will have touristic drive and lunch. We will visit a fortress and Museum and return late afternoon at  the Benelli museum where you are invited to join a grill party including drinks. Hopefully we will have nice summer weather allowing us to to enjoy a long evening in the outside.

Sunday, 31st of May.

After breakfast we gather at the Benelli Museum where the Dutch Benelli riders say goodby for their return trip. This trip will lead us over scenery roads back towards the dutch border. A lunch stop is included and once back in the Netherlands we hopefully look back on a fantastic Benelli Weekend.

All other Benelli passionate may return home during the afternoon.


To join the tour from the Netherlands into Germany you are required to register participation at the Benelli Club NL site, www.benelli.nl

Each rider joins the tour on his own responsibility and the Benelli Club cannot be held liable for any malfunctions during the trip. Each rider receives at the start of the tour a tour description including the stops.


Rodes Hotel, Marktstrasse 22, 31547 Rehburg -Loccum Tel.0049/5766/238

ParkHotel Bad Rehburg, Kreuzplatz 3.31547 Rehburg – Loccum Tel.0049/5037/9669800

Strandhotel Weisserberg, Kiefernweg 20, Mardorf Tel. 0049/5036/458,

Ferienwohnung Alte post, Südstrasse 4, 31547 Rehburg Loccum Tel.0049/5037/5597

Hotel Maris, Deichstrasse 2,Steinhude,31515 Wunstdorf Tel.0049/5033/1669

Hotel Haus am Meer, Uferstrasse 3,Steinhude,31515 Wunstdorf Tel.0049/5033/95060

Hotel am Burgmannshof, Mittelstrasse 3,31515 Wunstdorf Tel.0049/5031/962710

Brammers Heidehof, Kreuzhorst 3 Loccum,31547 Rehburg – Loccum Tel.0049/5766/256

Hotel Der Dreschhof Brokeloh, 31628 Landesbergen, Tel.0049/5027/98080