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Pacifier chain with name. Pacifier chain as shown in the photo with or without a name for your darling.
Of course you can also choose the colors of the crochet beads. They are also available in white, pink, light blue, mint......
Please note that a dummy chain must not be longer than 22cm because of the risk of strangulation (measured from the first bead under the clip including the loop below).
With longer names, motifs would either have to be attached hanging or the lenses between the letters would have to be left out. Pearls can also be omitted.
For special customizations, please contact us BEFORE purchasing. We can also be reached at any time via our e-mail.
We offer you:
★ Fast processing and shipping
★ Excellent quality and safety (all products comply with DIN EN 12586, (standard for pacifier holders)
★ loving production and consideration of extra wishes
There is no: Ä,Ö or Ü! Also, there are no letters with accents above them! (e.g. È) . Hyphens etc. are also not available.
Unfortunately, double names are not possible with pacifier chains, please choose only one name or a short form! In the case of double names, there is also the possibility of making a dummy chain with a double strand (at an additional cost).
You can order the following extras:
★ Bells
★ Wooden ring
Please get in touch in this regard also by custom-made product.
Instructions for use:
For your child's safety
- Check the pacifier holder before each use. At the first sign of damage or defects, throw it away immediately!
- Never lengthen the pacifier holder! Danger of strangulation!
- Never attach the pacifier holder to cords, ribbons, straps or loose parts of clothing. Your child can strangle themselves with it.
- Make sure you have a secure hold on the garment. The pacifier holder may only be attached to the child's clothing.
- The pacifier holder is only to be used under adult supervision. It should never be used when the child is in a cradle, playpen or bed.
- The pacifier holder is used to attach the pacifier to the garment. Do not use the pacifier holder as a toy or teether.
Care instructions:
- Only clean the pacifier holder as required with a damp cloth, never with disinfectants or cleaning agents. Do not wash in the dishwasher or washing machine. Do not put in the sterilizer or in boiling water. Don't soak.
Keep only in dry condition.
Please note that the natural material wood is more subject to wear and tear than products made from other materials.


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