LED light bulbs of various colors designed for easy installation into existing fittings and as "fit and forget" solution in a wide range of lighting applications. Can operate directly on the mains voltage 220-240 V AC. Socket E14 (Edison Screw, ES). The Edison screw fitting is a system of light bulb connectors, developed by Thomas Edison. The designation Exx refers to the diameter in millimeters, e.g. E14 has a diameter of 14 mm. In Europe and in countries which use 230-240 volts AC domestic power, the standard sizes for general purpose lamps are E14 and E27, although the Bayonet mount is also used. Other base sizes are used for small lamps, such as E10 and E11 for candelabra fixtures and on some Christmas lights. Larger sizes (E39, E40) are used for higher powered lighting, generally for lamps of over 250 watts. (Wikipedia)

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An energy-saving lamp with two tubes, socket E14, power 11W, voltage 220V-230V-240V, 50/60 Hz, 80 mA, red, pastel, light flux 450 lumen (efficiency class B), not dimmable, life time about 10.000 hours, Ø 48 mm – length 150 mm

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An energy-saving lamp with two tubes, socket E14, Leistung 11W, Spannung 230V, green, pastellfarbig, Lichtstrom 770 Lumen (Effizienzklasse A), nicht dimmbar, Lebensdauer ca. 10.000 Std., Ø 48 mm – Länge 150 mm.

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An energy-saving lamp with two tubes, socket E14, power consumption 11W, voltage 230V, blue, pastel colored, luminous flux 150 lumens (efficiency class C), not dimmable, lifespan about 10,000 hours, Ø 48 mm, length 150 mm.

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Two-tube energy saving lamp 220-240 V, yellow, socket E14, power 11W, 230V, pastel colored, luminous flux 600 lumens (efficiency class A), not dimmable, lifespan 10,000 hrs, Ø 48 mm - length 150 mm.

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