Osulloc Dukgum Cha from Jeju 50g

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The freshly picked tea leaves are roasted for about 30 to 50 minutes at 100-120° C in an iron roasting pan. Then the roasted tea is cooled in the open air. The cooled tea is then rolled for 10 minutes in one direction to receive its good taste. This procedure is repeated several times, whereas the temperature is set lower and lower. After roasting, the tea is dried with hot air and the damaged leaves are removed.

The hand-made tea is not rolled uniformly, but during brewing the tea leaves get back to their original shape. After  rosting, the tea is dried with hot air and the broken leaves are separated though the sieve. The hand-made tea is not rolled evenly, but in the brewing process the tea leaves return to their original shape.

Jaksul Dukgum Tea is produced from freshly harvested little tea leaves in spring and is processed by hand. Aftern several roast procedures the tea receives its very gentle fine taste.




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