Matcha Set 1 / a Matcha Bamboo Whisk, a Ceramic Whisk Holder / Matcha Spoon

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  • The matcha starter set contains a handmade matcha bamboo whisk, a ceramic whisk stand (handmade Beakja) and a matcha bamboo spoon from Korea.
  • This Bamboo Whisk is spilt in 80 bristle from a bamboo piece by hand.
  • This Bamboo Matcha Whisk is easy to make matcha tea, so you can whip up a warm matcha tea every day.
  • This white hand-made Beakja Matcha Whisk Holder is to protect bamboo whisk fronds from damage and to dry after use the Whisk.The whisk Holder extends the bamboo whisk and to origisnal shape.

You can easily make a nice foam with the bamboo whisk, and the stand brings the whisk shape back while it is drying. The curved bamboo spoon allows the perfect dosage of green tea powder. To prepare a matcha tea you need green tea powder (ca.1 g) and about 80ml of 70-80°C hot water. The green tea powder is sieved in a matcha bowl and stirred with water until enough foam is formed on the surface.


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