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We are pleased to greet you at our pages!  At first I would like to to imagine you.                      Bernd Hauck - Biographie

I was born 1950 in Wolfsburg - Germany. After leaving school finished apprenticeship as an electro-machinefitter. Completed civil service duties working with elderly citizens. From 1974 - 1979 studied Free Arts in Universitiy for fine Arts in Braunschweig. Studied Graphik under Prof. Sartorius and Scupture under Prof. Pilgrim. Since 1980  I have exhibitions in well known Galleries in Europe.


Something to tell about my work

Some of my graphics  I´m cutting partially or tataly out of the copperplate. I would like to create with it an equivocate to speak  a picture in the picture effect. The style of my pictures becomes as fantastic-realism and also surrealism marks.

To get an expressive coloured-etching, I have to require two or several copper-plates. I process thereby all plates simultane and fit them into the picture. In these etching I have create a cock which carries instead of teathers autumnal coloured leaves. 

The night has their particular enchantment for me. The firmament and the dark shadows of the creatures radiate so much magic. I lay this feeling into my Silhouettes.