Rolls-Royce Service Instructions ALL Pre-War Models

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SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ROLLS-ROYCE CARS was compiled during the 1940ies for ALL models produced by Rolls-Royce prior to World War II, i.e. up to 1939. Well into the 1950ies additions were issued. In the form of a Workshop-Manual most detailed advice on Service, Overhaul and Repairs of pre-war Rolls-Royce Cars was provided.  This is a compendium of more than 300 pages of highly competent Technical Documents!

Originally produced to return pre-war Rolls-Royce Cars to perfect roadworthy condition after having been 'mothballed' over the period of hostilities. An enourmous advantage is the Service Instructions are based on late 1940ies standard of knowledge or that of the 1950ies respectively. Hence all feedback from 'hand-on experience' by workshops and from development at the factory enhanced the information. - In the past many notes have been added which had not been in the original version, e.g. a 10-pages leaflet by 'AUTOVAC' on their petrol-supply-system. A description of SU petrol-pumps - considerably more detailed than the 'old' factory notes - was added, too, plus a dissertation on LUCAS headlamps etc.

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