Pattern 6000 ( with hollow handle knife )

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Pattern 6000 - Highly Polished with Hollow Handle Knife


Table set for the high claim to any celebration occasion. Highly Polished 18/10 stainless steel Dishwasher safe.

With Hollow Handle Knife:

A Hollow Handle Knife is composed of a forged blade and a two part book. The Hollow Handle Knife is made of forged, high-quality blade steel, which ensures long lasting sharpness and a good cutting abilitiy and stability.

In the hollow handle knife, the blade is used with a sand filling. This allows for a balanced, elastic resilient, ergonomic handling of the hollow handle knife.


All Amil cutleries are a washer-suitable. 
The extra-sharp knife blades are produced from special-hardened high-grade steel. All the other cutlery shares pass steel of 18/10 chrome nickel. 
Processing and precision of the decoration are a clue for quality. The accurate lines and detailed exactness show the high high-class standard of the Amil cutleries.

Amil stainless steel 18/10

highly polished

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Product Note Status Price
Suitcase Suitcase
for 72, 84 and 96 pieces sets
24.90 € *
Whooden case Exclusive with window Whooden case Exclusive with window
for 84 and 96 pieces sets
79.90 € *
Wooden case with window Wooden case with window
for 84 and 96 pieces sets
69.90 € *
Wooden case with Window Wooden case with Window
for 84 and 96 pieces sets
69.90 € *
Black suitcase Black suitcase
for 72 and 84 pieces sets
22.90 € *
Gift Packaging (Etui) Gift Packaging (Etui)
for 30 pieces sets
4.90 € *
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