agitator PFT ROTOMIX disc

agitator PFT ROTOMIX disc

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Functional description:
The disc inside the agitator PFT ROTOMIX is driven via the tang on the Rotor. A second disc inside the housing completes the mixing system and the two discs create a shearing of the material. By that, any lumps are completely dispersed and the material is intensively mixed.

Field of applications:
for many materials such as:

  • levelling compounds
  • self-levelling screeds

Advantages at a glance:
Material adjectives are improved by the after mixing process which helps to achieve utmost material quality.
Lumps can be avoided.

PFT ROTOMIX disc consisting of:
– agitator housing
– agitator cover for D-pumps
– disc
– coupling 1", 35 male part, 1 1/4", IG
– tie rods (2 pieces)

Weight: 11.6 kg

Accessories required:
Pump unit D 8–1.5, approx. 30 l/min
Rotor D 8–1.5 with tang, Part no. 20 11 47 20
Stator TWISTER D 8–1.5 PIN, Part no. 00 01 09 05
Mortar pressure gauge 35 mm cpl., Part no. 00 10 22 28


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