100 manet Vialіkaha Kniastva Lіtouskaha

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100 манет Вялікага Княства Літоўскага  / Huletskі, Dzmіtryi Uladzіmіravіch / Гулецкі, Дзмітрый Уладзіміравіч | 978-985-458-328-0 | Tekhnalohіia  / Тэхналогія  | 2022 | 79., Grossformat | Minsk / Мінск

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Publisher Technalohіja / Tekhnalohіia  / Тэхналогія
Author Huleckі, Dzmіtryj Uladzіmіravіc / Huletskі, Dzmіtryi Uladzіmіravіch / Гулецкі, Дзмітрый Уладзіміравіч
City Minsk / Minsk / Мінск
Pages 79., Grossformat
ISBN 978-985-458-328-0
Detail The book gives commo data on Belarusian numismatics of Pre-Russian period. The accents that were made will help everyone to express himself in numismatic researches. The history of coin turnover in Belarus is measured by long centuries during which Belarusian people endured a lot of troubles. Valuable treasures comes to researchers' hands to prove beauty and riches of Belarusian numismatics. /// ///

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